This season for the first time the Siege the Cure Football Games grows to involve 4 teams. Lee's Summit High School, Ray-Pec High School, Lee's Summit North and Liberty North Football teams are partnering to help Siege the Cure. 

This year the proceeds for the game will go directly to The Family of Stella Henry. Stella Henry is the 18-month-old daughter of Corey and Ashley Henry. Stella also has a wonderful big brother, who is crazy about her, Michael.  The Henry’s lives were turned upside down in a matter of 24 hours on July 5th, 2018 when doctors discovered Stella had a baseball-size brain tumor. 

Each year we watch as football teams wear pink in October, for breast cancer awareness. We really wanted the idea to resonate with our kids. We wanted them to understand the impact this disease has on lives and families. We decided that we wanted each of our athletes to have someone to play for that night. We also wanted our athletes to know the story of the person they are playing for as well as the story of others. We are currently collecting names of families members that have been affected by cancer, what type of cancer, and their story. These names will then be listed on our roster for the evening of the game in place of the player they are playing for. We will list their type of cancer as their position. We hope this will honor these people and their fight with this deadly disease. 

This years Siege the Cure Schedule

 October 5th--Lee's Summit Vs Lee's Summit North 

October 12th--Ray Pec Vs Lee's Summit North 

October 12th--Liberty North Vs Lee's Summit High School